[For SEC Filing 
PRICING SUPPLEMENT NO. 22       Dated: January 5, 1994       Purposes Only:
(To Prospectus Dated January 9, 1991, and                   Rule 424(b)(3) 
Prospectus Supplement dated January 31, 1991)            File No. 33-38216]

                        BOISE CASCADE CORPORATION
                       Medium-Term Notes, Series A
            Due from 9 Months to 30 Years from Date of Issue

Date of Issue:   January 12, 1994      Principal Amount:  $ 8,000,000
Stated Maturity:   January 13, 1999    Issue Price (As a Percentage of 
                                       Principal Amount):  100%

Form of Note:                     Interest Rate/Initial Interest Rate:  7.10%

  x   Global                      Redemption Provisions:  N/A

_____ Definitive

  x   Fixed Rate Note

_____ Floating Rate Note:

_____ Commercial Paper Rate Note       _____ LIBOR Note

_____ Federal Funds Effective Rate     _____ Treasury Rate Note

_____ Other

Spread: +/- _____________________     Maximum Interest Rate _______%

Spread Multiplier: _____________%     Minimum Interest Rate _______%

Index Maturity: _________________

Interest Reset Period: _______________________________________________________
                       (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semiannually, or

Interest Payment Dates:           Regular Record Dates:

Interest Reset Dates:             Interest Determination Dates:

Calculation Agent:                Calculation Dates:

Additional Terms:

                   GOLDMAN, SACHS & CO.      SALOMON BROTHERS INC